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Ben Sutin Quartet

Available on Bandcamp, Amazon, Apple, Youtube, Spotify

  1. No Holds Barred

  2. The Yearning

  3. Better Days

  4. Mr. Inevitable

  5. Equilibrium

  6. Reflections

  7. Arrival



Ben Sutin: Leader/Violin

Ben Rosenblum: Piano/Accordion

Chris Tordini: Bass

Johnathan Blake: Drums

Angel R. Rodriguez, Sr: Percussion (tracks 1, 3)


All music composed by Ben Sutin

Recorded at Samurai Hotel (New York City) on March 7th, 2023.
David Stoller, Engineer; edited and mixed at Valhalla Studio (New York City), Jim Gately, Engineer; and mastered at Dubway Studios, Violette Furton, Engineer. Eugene Marlow, Album Producer.
Ben Sutin, Executive Producer.
Artwork & Graphics, Jan Sileo.

Released on the MEII Enterprises Label on February 9th 2024.

View full EPK here!

"Ben Sutin's recording Mr. Inevitable is exceptional. His compositions and playing are sophisticated and exciting. Congratulations.”
–Regina Carter, Violinist, NEA Jazz Master and MacArthur Fellow

“Ben Sutin’s new album Mr. Inevitable is a brilliant showcase of his artistry not only as a world-class jazz violinist, but also as a composer with a powerful voice all his own. Bravo!!!”
–Sara Caswell, Grammy-Nominated Jazz Violinist

“Ben is totally blazing and has come into his own voice fully. I hear the unmistakable influence of the great John Blake Jr. in Ben’s playing in a way that I have not heard from any other violinist.”
–Christian Howes, Award Winning Jazz Violinist, Educator



“Mr. Inevitable is a collection of compositions expressing the peaks and valleys of life through music.

Each song represents an emotional theme depicting various tropes of the universal human experience.

They are written and performed through the lens of my own personal perspectives and the collective interpretations of the musicians on the album.

Each song is inspired by a collage of the wide array of musical influences ─ music from Latin America, Klezmer, rock ‘n’ roll, and more ─ and cultural roots that have made my musical voice what it is today, all through the lens of the jazz idiom.

Please join me on this journey.”

The seven tracks and their respective emotional themes on this album are:
1. No Holds Barred: inner strength and fortitude

2. The Yearning: striving and pursuing for what you want most

3. Better Days: hope, optimism, peace, silver linings

4. Mr. Inevitable: accepting and embracing the inevitabilities of life

5. Equilibrium: balancing between states of unease and clarity

6. Reflections: contemplative

7. Arrival: contentment, gratitude, accomplishment, bliss

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