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Meshugenah Cover.jpg

Benjamin Sutin & Klazz-Ma-Tazz

  1. Mein Shtetele Belz

  2. Svalava Kozatshok

  3. Cyberbalkanization

  4. Tumbalalaika

  5. Sheyn Vi Di Levone

  6. In Odessa 

  7. Sunrise, Sunset 

  8. Rumshinsky's Bulgar 

  9. Bei Mir Bist Du Schön

  10. Letting Go Part 1

  11. Letting Go Part 2


Benjamin Sutin: Violin 

Elijah Shiffer: Alto Saxophone, Clarinet & Baritone Saxophone 

Alec Goldfarb: Electric Guitar 

Benjamin Rosenblum: Accordion & Piano 

Mat Muntz: Upright Bass & Bass Guitar 

Tim Rachbach: Drum Set 

Astrid Kuljanic: Vocals & Kazoo (track 5) 

Zhenya Lopatnik: Vocals (track 9) 

Released June 15, 2018 

Recorded at Systems Two by Dev Avidon & Andrew Cavacinti 
Mixed and Mastered at Avidon Audio Labs by Dev Avidon 
Produced by Benjamin Sutin & Dev Avidon 
Executive Producer: Monique Witt 
Album Art by Monique Witt & Benjamin Sutin 
Graphic Design by Dev Avidon & Emily Sutin 
Label: OneTrickDog* Records 

New York Music Daily once described our music perfectly as "Epically Haunting Lynchian Klezmer Jazz." Meshugenah explores a mix of new original music and uniquely reimagined interpretations and arrangements of traditional secular Jewish music, catered to the nostalgically progressive audience of the 21st century. The music is at times gnarly, yet always with the underlying sense of yearning, sorrow and joy which makes this music so rich with emotion. Simply put, Meshugenah resonates with a sense of nostalgic novelty, serving as a musical meditation, exploring the magic of the past while languishing the beautiful mystery of the unknown. 

Review of "Meshugenah" by New York Music Daily

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