New Album: Meshugenah:

Meshugenah explores a mix of new original music and uniquely reimagined interpretations and arrangements of traditional secular Jewish music, catered to the nostalgically progressive audience of the 21st century. The music is at times gnarly, yet always with the underlying sense of yearning, sorrow and joy which makes this music so rich with emotion. Simply put, Meshugenah resonates with a sense of nostalgic novelty, serving as a musical meditation, exploring the magic of the past while languishing the beautiful mystery of the unknown. 

“Epically Haunting Lynchian Klezmer Jazz”.

- New York Music Daily

As once described by New York Music Daily, Klazz-Ma-Tazz, founded by violinist and composer Benjamin Sutin in 2014 is "...a truly extraordinary, inimitable group who deserve to be vastly better known than they are." Klazz-Ma-Tazz blurs the boundaries of labels and genres. Rooted in the contemporary jazz fusion idiom, their music explores a unique chemistry of worldly musical influences and are dedicated to performing and recording original compositions and uniquely reimagined interpretations of traditional secular Jewish music, catered to the nostalgically progressive audience of the 21st century. Klazz-Ma-Tazz released their debut album, Tangibility, in September, 2015 on OneTrickDog* Records. The album has since received airplay on radio stations across the US and has multiplied the band’s global fan base. Tangibility was launched with sold out sets at Greenwich Village's cultural haven, The Cornelia Street Cafe to rave reviews by Fred Stal of RG Magazine, who described the music: “Wild, yet reserved, the music of Klazz-Ma-Tazz will surprise you, excite you and calm you, all in one sitting”. Since then the band has performed for large and enthusiastic crowds at venues across the North East including World Cafe Live (Philadelphia), City Winery (NYC), and DROM, ShapeShifter Lab, Shrine, Silvana, Club Bonafide, among others. In January and March, 2017, Klazz-Ma-Tazz was joined on stage by world renowned Klezmer singer, Zhenya Lopatnik (who is featured on their 2nd album, "Meshugenah", to be released in April) for a series of concerts in NYC and Washington D.C. In February, 2018 their arrangement of Ukrainian folk song, "Svalava Kozatshok" went viral on FB with nearly 20K views. 

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