Stratus Quartet

Benjamin Sutin, Violin
Zosha Warpeha, Violin
Nathan Kamal, Viola
Sam Quiggins, Cello
​Stratus Quartet is a New York City based string quartet dedicated to new music and improvisation. 

Following in the great tradition of the string quartet, each of Stratus Quartet's intimate performances display a musical tapestry rich with warmth and detail. Unlike most string quartets, Stratus Quartet exclusively performs music composed or arranged by its own members. Like a faceted work of Cubism, Stratus Quartet’s music is comprised of four different musical perspectives, each player offering a unique background and expertise. 
Every element of the quartet's process is collaborative. Their rehearsals often feel like a musical workshop with members bringing in drafts of their original work for feedback from the other players. As a result, the quartet's musical landscape is in a constant state of flux and adaptation. In rehearsal the quartet will take a preliminary musical idea at its most bare and skeletal stage, and collectively arrange it into a finished composition. 
The quartet straddles the intersection of composition and improvisation, often mixing the latter into the former. No Stratus Quartet performance ever sounds like the one before it—like a jazz combo, Stratus Quartet will never perform its music the same way twice. 
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© 2020 Benjamin Sutin