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Learn to swing and improvise in a fun and engaging virtual group setting every Wednesday at 4pm EST. Click here to register today.

Founded in 2014 by violinist and composer Benjamin Sutin, Klazz-Ma-Tazz is a band with a vision to transcend boundaries of labels in music and people. Their music, rooted in the jazz idiom strives to include genuine influence from a multitude of folk music from around the world based on the various ethnic background of each band member; namely Klezmer and Balkan Folk music, Indian Classical Music, Native American Tribal Dances, English Folk Music and more, finding common musical and cultural identities from which these various forms are derived. Creating this musical melting pot makes NYC the perfect home for Klazz-Ma-Tazz, a city who’s entire history is based on the very idea of uniting people from around the world to create something new and distinct.  Klazz-Ma-Tazz released their debut album, Tangibility, in September, 2015 on OneTrickDog* Records. The album has since received airplay on radio stations across the US and from Philadelphia to Hawaii, doubling the band’s global fan base. Tangibility was launched with sold out sets at Greenwich Village's cultural haven, The Cornelia Street Cafe to rave reviews by Fred Stal of RG Magazine, who described the music: “Wild, yet reserved, the music of Klazz-Ma-Tazz will surprise you, excite you and calm you, all in one sitting”. 

"Benjamin Sutin has been one of the most influential musical figures in my life. A dependable mentor who left me inspired after every lesson, he gave me the facilities to navigate a world that sets us (violinists) up for failure. He taught me theory, language, repertoire, and more challenging things like time (management), melodic organization, and much more."

- Jonah Kreitner (Freshman at NEC, pursuing a BM in Jazz Violin Performance)

"I was blessed to be one of Ben's students. As a teacher, he worried about each of his students. Ben was very supportive, caring, and used our time during the lesson wisely. Learning from Ben was always encouraging and inspirational.  He was flexible when it came to preparing me for a last minute occasion when I had to play ten Christmas songs at my school holiday show. In addition to the end-of-semester recitals, Ben prepared me for my middle school graduation performance, and auditions for summer string camp and orchestra. Finally, he was so determined and faithful in getting me into one of my dream high schools, Laguardia, in which I did. I can't thank him enough for everything. If you are looking to seriously play, then Ben is your best option as a private violin teacher."
- Sophie Kuliyeva
"My daughter has made magnificent progress with Ben. She describes his approach as “like a doctor” he fixes all her issues. Her concept and understanding of the jazz violin vernacular has grown exponentially in a matter of a few months."
- Rob Block, Jazz musician / educator
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